Angelica and Luciano Huck, in a rare public appearance, stroll with their children in a mall

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The couple Angelica and Luciano Huck took the last weekend for a walk with the family. In this sense, it is possible to highlight that the presenters were in a carioca mall last Sunday.

Their presence, as well as the rest of their family, was noticed by some fans, who took several photos to record the moment. At the time, Angelica and Luciano were also accompanied by their three children.

A couple of presenters seemed quite happy during their tour. Accompanied by Joaquim, his eldest son, Benicio, the middle son and youngest Eve, they had a great time.

The fans, in turn, were quite surprised by a detail that, until then, seemed to have gone unnoticed by the general public. In this sense, it is possible to highlight Joaquim's height, which is almost the same size as Luciano.

The surprise comes from the fact that the boy is still 14 years old.

The family's appearance has surprised fans as situations like these have become quite rare. Since Benicio's accident, it can be said that this is the first of its kind.

If you don't remember, 11-year-old Benicio practiced wakeboarding in Angra dos Reis when he fell and hit his head on the board used during the sport.

Although he was awake and showed no signs of more serious trauma, his parents considered it important to refer him to a hospital to see if all was well.

Then the boy was taken to the Copa Star Hospital. Once on-site, the exams revealed Benicio's trauma and the need for surgery, from which he quickly recovered. Currently, the boy is in good health.

The family, in turn, seems to have learned the expected lesson from Benicio's accident. In this sense, it is possible to highlight a recent post by Luciano Huck on social networks.

Through his Instagram account, the host shared a photograph of his son wearing a reflective vest and a helmet. In the caption of the post in question, Huck stressed the importance of parents insisting on the use of safety equipment, whether during leisure time or even in sports.

The presenter also pointed out that this is necessary when considering that the line between happiness and chaos is quite thin and can be broken at any time, as in the case of his family.

After the post, several Famous people appeared to comment on the presenter's Instagram. In this sense, it is possible to point out Angelica, who left several heart emojis in her husband's post; and also actresses Carolina Dieckmann and Grazi Massafera.

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