AniCura Animal Hospital gives pet owners tips to get through December safely

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The leaves fall from the trees, the wind sometimes blows stormily around our ears, the days get shorter and the nights longer. A fun time to spend with family and animal friends. And to get a breath of fresh air and go for a walk with the dog. But the winter period also requires attention. Veterinarians from Animal Hospital warn pet owners about possible dangers that may occur around the holidays and dark months. "We would like to give some tips and advice so that people can safely pass through the winter and the new year with their pet," says veterinarian and practice manager Esther.

Now it gets dark early, it is extra important to pay attention to the safety of your pet. Make sure that not only your pet is clearly visible, but also yourself, so that you are not overlooked by other road users.

An accident is in a small corner and can have major consequences for your pet's health if it is injured. Therefore, choose good lighting options for your pet, such as a reflective collar, a reflective vest or a safety light to attach to the dog leash. And try to avoid poorly lit footpaths and cycle paths.

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