Authorities restrict access to forests. Hunters begin hunting season

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Authorities restrict access to forests in hundreds of locations across the Czech Republic. Mushroomers and tourists should retreat to hunters. It is during September that the main part of the hunting season begins with the hoofed game, ie deer or roe deer. Hikers should therefore closely follow the information signs.

Hunters regularly reduce numbers of games in the autumn. For example, forest visitors should avoid, the poses, where hunters are now most likely to shoot overgrown animals. The shooters, however, move directly in the field.

"The hunter shoots at a distance of one hundred or two hundred meters, but if the game is not killed by the first blow, the game and dogs are hunted down," explains Jiri Cervenka, vice-chairman of the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union. This is in some cases up to ten kilometers.

Hunting can complicate the weather, such as morning fog. "In the morning, at dawn, you are sitting on your seat and suddenly you can hear the rumble and stomping. You think God knows what you can, and in the end, you get a guy with a basket in his jeans," describes the hunter Josef Vladar.

Colorful clothes

Clothing with bold colors can help to increase the safety of people in forests. But mushroom pickers do not normally use it, while their jackets often blend in with the surroundings. The visibility can be substantially increased by reflective elements or directly reflective vests.

Hunters are responsible for safe hunting. Every year, however, someone happens to be hurt in the hunting season. Around once every three years a badly aimed bullet kills someone.

For safety reasons, mushroom pickers, hikers and cyclists should now carefully watch the signs on the trees to indicate where entry is prohibited. Accurate information should also be available to municipal authorities.

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