Bicycle and pedestrian accidents

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In the dark season, darkness, rainfall and cold, combined with difficult road conditions, harbor many dangers. All road users are particularly required. Pedestrians and cyclists are often difficult to recognize. Motorists are more difficult to drive through reflections or missing all-around visibility.

It becomes really dangerous in the public traffic area if vehicles are then still with a faulty or not functioning equipment - mostly the lighting on the way. For pedestrians, reflective clothing at this time of year can be life-saving in many situations.

The appeal to pedestrians and cyclists: Make yourself visible! It is best to wear a reflective vest with reflective tapes. For drivers: Make sure at all times whether their vehicle, from the bike to the truck, in the technically perfect condition and the current winter conditions are adjusted. Wearing a bicycle helmet protects against serious head injuries. In a week since Saturday, the police have recorded eight traffic accidents in which cyclists were slightly injured.

In one case it is a peeled. Six of the accidents occurred in Heine, one in Kitchener and one in Infuriate. In addition, seven pedestrians were injured in accidents during this time, a child while heavy. These traffic accidents took place in Heine, Kitchener, Infuriate and two each in Ribbentrop and in Detente.

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