Bicycles: what are the traffic rules for bicycles?

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Cycling requires the driver to respect the Highway Code as all users. To guarantee everyone's safety, cyclists must follow certain rules, in town or outside town and day and night. reminds you of them with the Road Safety Delegation.

The traffic rules are as follows:

Adopt visible equipment and behavior:

outside built-up areas, it is compulsory to wear a retro-reflective yellow vest at night, or when visibility is insufficient. However, it is recommended to wear one in all circumstances, including in town and broad daylight;

as you turn, extend your arm in the direction you want to go. If you must stop, raise your arm upwards;

Do not wear headphones, earphones, or headphones or hold your phone in your hand;

Do not ride after drinking too much alcohol. Above 0.2 mg / l of exhaled air, it is prohibited and liable to a fine;

Helmets are compulsory for children under 12, driver or passenger of a cycle. He must be tied up.

In the city

Take the paths or the cycle lanes which are dedicated to you and circulate on the right side when you are facing the road. If the roadway is bordered on each side by one of these reserved lanes, you must take the open one to the right of the road, in the direction of traffic, and obey the traffic lights at crossroads;

In the absence of cycle tracks or lanes, you must travel on the right side of the road;

Do not drive on sidewalks. Only children under 8 years old are allowed to do so, provided they drive at a reasonable speed and do not obstruct pedestrians;

Park your bike in the reserved spaces or on the road;

Cyclists are allowed to ride on greenways, meeting areas, or zones 30 unless otherwise provided by municipal authorities;

In pedestrian areas, walk slowly;

In meeting areas, do not travel at more than 20 km / h and respect pedestrian priority;

In zones 30 and meeting zones, bicycles can circulate in both directions. Two-way traffic allows you to benefit from better visibility, avoid major traffic arteries and simplify routes.


Do not drive too close to the shoulder, to avoid ruts and gravel;

When cornering, keep to the right as far as possible because the cars only see you at the last moment;

Be particularly careful when passing a truck: the air intake may throw you off balance;

In a group, ride two abreast or in a single file. At night, in the event of a vehicle overtaking or when circumstances require (narrow roadway, etc.), always stand in single file;

In groups of more than 10 people, split up.

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