Climb, Kennedy, towns where most cyclists die from road accidents

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The Bogotá Ministry of Mobility launched an alert for the increase in the number of cyclists who have died due to traffic accidents after reporting that this problem is on the rise.

During the first half of 2018, 30 cyclists died and 903 were involved in traffic accidents; while in the same period for 2018, this figure goes to 36.

In addition to the deaths, the District reported that 1,131 people have been involved in road accidents, which means an increase of about 20% regarding this problem.

The localities where the greatest accident occurs for cyclists are Kennedy, Engativá, and Suba, according to data from the Mobility Secretary.

For its part, the Traffic Police highlighted that 42% of cyclist accidents in 2017 happened at night, involving people without a reflective vest or any light, which is why it recommended that controls be tightened in this regard.

The majority of accidents, according to the authorities, involve motorcycles, trucks, and public service vehicles, and curiously, nearly 30% occur within 200 meters of the bike path.

According to the District, in Bogotá, more than 650 thousand bicycle trips are made per day, on average.

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