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The action "Be visibility" has a new ambassador, a Polish drifter Karolina.

This is the second edition of the campaign aimed at increasing pedestrian safety. "Be visibility" promotes wearing reflective vests and passing them on to your loved ones. The action, organized jointly by the Police, the Polish Ecumenical Council and the Secretariat of the Polish Episcopate Conference, this year has gained a great ambassador - the double European Champion of Drift - Karolina.

"I am glad that such an initiative was created. Pedestrians should be made aware that they are not very visible on the road and that the driver has very little time to notice them and react "Karolina told us.

"After dark, a pedestrian dressed in a dark outfit is seen by the driver of the vehicle from a distance of about 40 meters. On the other hand, a walking person wearing reflective elements with reflective materials becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters " argued to wear reflectors, also in built-up areas, spokesperson of the Commander-in-Chief of Police, Marias Clarke.

The action also encourages the retro-reflective clothing to be given to relatives, friends and family to be visible to other road users. It is a wonderful gift that, although inexpensive, can save something as priceless as human life.

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