Mandatory car equipment on the way to Germany

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As in other countries, drivers need to follow local road rules - this includes mandatory equipment unless they want to risk a fine.

Mandatory equipment differs minimally in individual European countries. On the other hand, if a person waves his hand over it or says that he is only going to Dresden for shopping, it might not pay off. If one element is missing from the equipment, you are working on a problem. German police officers are very uncompromising in this regard. On the other hand, if your vehicle is not registered in Germany, then of course your mandatory equipment is ordered according to Czech regulations.

Car seat

In Germany, it is mandatory for children up to 150 cm or 12 years of age to be transported in a special car seat, in some cases - ie for older children - a seat cushion is also suitable. Also, note that children from the age of three and up to 12 years or a height of 150 centimeters must not sit in the front seat - therefore it is necessary to always sit with the car seatback. Violation is again punishable by a fine of 40 - 60 euros  (over 1,000 crowns)

First aid kit

There is an exception here. By law, this article must carry a vehicle that has been registered in Germany, it is not mandatory for others, although it is advisable to drive it in a vehicle, if it happens to happen in an accident, it will come in handy. The obligation to have a first aid kit does not apply to motorcycles.

Reflective vest

This vest is only mandatory for drivers and cars that have been registered in Germany. The obligation also applies to vehicles that are registered abroad but belong to the company fleet. This rule does not apply to passenger cars. Nevertheless, we recommend that there be at least one vest in the car - it can save your life many times if there is an emergency on the road, for example in low visibility or at night - thanks to the reflective stripes you will be able to see.

Warning triangle

Here, the obligation is governed by the country in which the vehicle is registered. So if you are coming from the Czech Republic, you must have a warning triangle with you, which is an element in the mandatory equipment in the Czech Republic. In addition, in Germany, the triangle is about 100 meters per car, and in the event of a motorway accident, it is 200 meters.

For cars registered in Germany, vehicles up to 2.8 tonnes do not need to have a triangle. On the other hand, vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must have not only a red warning triangle but also a yellow flashing light.

Winter equipment

Winter tires are mandatory and antifreeze must be present in the washers. Likewise, if the driver gets to the mountains with the car, then it is appropriate to use snow chains (especially in sections marked with the appropriate traffic sign) - then the driver must drive at a maximum speed of 50 km / h, so no racing, chains would burst at higher speeds. Beware, however, spiked tires are not permitted.

Something extra:

Fire extinguisher

The firefighter is not obliged to have him in the car.

Seat belts

Nowadays, perhaps no one would have thought not to be confined to a car, yet such individuals exist. It should be noted that in the event of an accident, belts can sometimes save lives. As in our country, it is obligatory to restrain in Germany. Violation of this rule involves a fine of 30 euros  - in terms of crowns, about 810 crowns.

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