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"The dark season has begun", directed the director of the AOK Regensburg, Richard Deml, his words to two first classes of the Father Rupert Mayer special school.

Children must be always visible in traffic. "We want to help you arrive safely at school every day." Together with the Verkehrswatch Regensburg, the AOK now equipped 20 students with reflective so-called safety throws. These "safety vests" would make a significant contribution to road safety, said the head of the Förderzentrum, Reinhard Mehringer. Michael Liegl of the Verkehrswacht called the sponsoring of the AOK an "honorable action". Pointing to the first graders, he emphasized how important it is to make the students feel good: "You are not that big yet." He told the children that, of course, they still had to take good care of the road despite their vest. At 225 special schools throughout Bavaria this year, the reflective vests will be distributed to the ABC shooters. In the next school year, AOK and Verkehrswacht Bayern want to equip first graders of all Bavarian elementary schools.

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