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Bavaria's security guard is better equipped and should be easier to recognize. For the 25th anniversary, the volunteer police helpers get neon yellow warning reflective vests, flashlights, and a better pepper spray. The model of their new dark blue jackets is the modern Bavarian police uniforms.

The number of employees should rise from about 1000 to 1500, affirmed Home Affairs Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) at the presentation of the new equipment on Thursday in Nuremberg. However, this could take until 2022, two years longer than previously planned.

The Greens in the state parliament criticize the expansion. The money should be better invested in the police, said faction leader Katharina Schulze. The population is taught deceptive security. "We want a well-equipped police force and enough police and no deputies." The teams are currently traveling in 157 Bavarian communities. On foot or by bike. Some communities such as Lindau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen have decided against the police helpers. "We set up the security guard only where it is desired by the municipality," Herrmann said. However, no one should complain that the security was not sufficient.

The stripes should show presence and counteract such as street crime, shoplifting, and vandalism. In case of incidents, the security guards call the police. The helpers are usually at least two on the way, as the Deggendorfer police director Stephan Seiler said, who prepared the changes with the lead. In the event of imminent danger, they are authorized to establish personal details, to issue place references and to record alleged offenders.

Premiere had the watch in 1994 with model projects in Nuremberg, Deggendorf, and Ingolstadt. For the members, there was a yellow armband and a jacket for all seasons.

In the future, they look quite similar to the police: The helpers get a thick multi-purpose anorak and a lighter duty jacket in Bavaria's new police dark blue, including national insignia and the three-fold reflective inscription which made of reflective heat transfer vinyl. Also uniform polo shirts plus visor cap. The employees now also have a first-aid package and a headset for their digital police radio device.

According to Herrmann, the security guard currently counts 1064 members across Bavaria, just under one third are women (340) and 37 foreign citizens. More people with a migrant background are welcome, the minister said. The police decide on admission after a qualifying examination. "We do not take everyone, there are people who only care about themselves," said Herrmann.

Before the first deployment at the security guard, the training takes place: in about 40 hours by the police, with future nationwide uniform material and four compulsory further training courses per year. As an expense allowance, there are eight euros per hour for the helpers on patrol. Minister of the Interior Herrmann emphasized that more will not continue in the future. Nobody should get involved for the money.

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