On Earth Day volunteers will collect garbage along roads

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Already this Saturday, April 13, will again meet volunteers from the villages to collect together on the Earth Day garbage and rubbish along roads and villages.

"The meeting of volunteers will be from 8:00 to 9:00. before the municipal office in the given village," says Struhárová. As she noted, volunteers should not forget solid footwear, sportswear as well as raincoats in bad weather and, last but not least, reflective elements, like reflective vests or reflective tapes. "It is also important to recall waste recycling. Collect plastics in yellow bags and municipal waste will be collected in black bags," said the manager, saying that after the work, volunteers are waiting for a bullet in the village of Kociha.

This volunteer event has been organized for the 11th time by the Rimava and Rimavica Microregion with the help of volunteers and other partners. According to the manager, more than three hundred volunteers participate in the event each year.

The history of Earth Day's declaration dates back to 1969, when John McConnell, in particular, began calling for the birth of an international Earth Day and, as part of these efforts, created the Earth Day flag. The first Earth Day was celebrated in San Francisco. The campaign associated with this holiday was intended to bring the issue of ecology and nature protection into political circles. The aim was to increase energy efficiency, recycle garbage and look for renewable energy sources. This event was very popular among students.

The UN began celebrating this holiday a year later (1971). In 1990, the rest of the world joined America, and on 22 April it became International Earth Day. At present, Earth Day is one of the most respected and popular events to save Earth. Millions of people celebrate it all over the world. World Earth Day events are being prepared by the Earth Day Network (EDN), a non-governmental organization.

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