Pedestrians are not visible and do not wear reflective elements

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Every morning he goes to Blansko to work. Lenka Buchvaldkova from Jedovnice meets with pedestrians who do not have reflective elements and cannot be seen at the crossroads under the Pisecna housing estate on an unlit crosswalk. According to experts, their behavior is very dangerous, especially in the current weather, when fog is frequent in the morning.

The situation is even worse under the Blansko housing estate because on the right side there is a hedge over which it cannot be seen. "People rush to work, to a train or a bus and run into the crossing just before the car. Many of them are in dark clothes without reflective material elements. How many times is it fous. Although I know the place and I drive slowly through here. I know there have been several accidents with pedestrians," said Buchvaldkova.

Petr Liska from Brno has a similar experience. "I use the reflective features of pedestrians. They should think about it. It has already happened to me on the outskirts of town that I have met groups of several people in dark clothes beside me. It scared me a lot. At eleven at night after a day shift, it's like a puff of horror. At least somebody sometimes thinks of having a flashlight or a mobile phone on," the man said on the social network.

According to a spokesman for South Moravia's rescuer Michaela Both, it is one of the riskiest periods at the turn of October and November, and they are going more towards similar accidents. "It is important that both drivers and pedestrians count on the poor visibility typical of this period. It's about mutual tolerance. The use of reflective vests is very important for pedestrians. Drivers should reduce their speed if visibility is poor," Both said.

Recently, the ambulance went to two knocked down women in the center of Brno. In Znojmo, the driver knocked down a man at the crossing in the evening and drove away. A month ago there was a tragic accident in Brno's Porici. There, a middle-aged woman knocked down the car at a crossing without signaling and died on the spot. According to police, however, the driver inhaled 0.17 per mile of alcohol.

According to BESIP regional coordinator Pavel Cizek, the reflective element for the driver is visible in the dark at a distance of two hundred meters. For example, a pedestrian wearing dark blue clothing can see the driver only about 20 meters away. At a speed of ninety kilometers per hour, the braking distance of the car is about forty meters. "In this case, the driver has virtually no chance of avoiding pedestrians without reflective elements," he said.

Police officers regularly organize several preventive events on the subject of reflective elements in the South Moravian Region. "In the Who Can See, We Win, we try to approach the meaning of reflective tape elements. For pedestrians and cyclists. We focus mainly on children, their parents, and older people," said police spokeswoman Lenka Korytakova.

By the end of September, police had registered 110 accidents in South Moravia caused by pedestrians. Last year it was ninety-nine cases in the same period. Most of them were in Brno.

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