Playing soccer with the police

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After the children returned to school, the police officers resumed their routine meetings with students, talking about safety. Last week, the district councilor, together with preventive care, told the first graders about safety during the holidays, as well as about a safe stay at home. The officers from Nowy Dwór know how to best reach children and adolescents.

Until recently, our kids learned remotely. Most of the classes were held online, which made it impossible to conduct meetings with policemen. This week the policemen were finally able to meet the first graders. The district attendant, together with a prophylactic from our poviat, talked to the first graders about safety during the holidays, as well as about safety at home as part of the project "I am learning safety".

During the meetings, the officers explained to the students where it is safe to bathe and what the white and red colors of the flag at the bathing beach meant. They also reminded that under no circumstances can you jump into the water on the so-called "Head". The children listened with interest to what the officers had to say to them, and they eagerly participated in the classes. When discussing holiday safety, home safety was also discussed.

"The policemen reminded that playing with fire is risky and also what should be done when a stranger knocks on the door. As a reminder, the first graders discussed the rules of safe cycling, emphasizing that you should wear a helmet on your head. In the end, the officers were reminded about the ongoing competition and distributed reflective vests," explains the spokesman of the police in Nowy Dwór.

The meeting is one of the schools ended with sports. Taking advantage of the break-in lessons, the district member went to the school playground, where he played football with the kids. There was a lot of joy and laughter.

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