Police and citizens cooperate, raise traffic safety awareness

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On the 24th and 26th of September during the autumn national traffic safety campaign, the Kakogawa Police Station and the Kakogawa Traffic Safety Association went to retired elderly homes to raise awareness of traffic safety.

Flyers and lights for traffic safety awareness for the elderly

Planned and implemented from last year according to the time when sunshine hours become shorter and traffic accidents increase. As for the activities, one police officer and four association members traveled around New House, Noguchi, and Shin-Kanno, calling for traffic safety mainly for elderly people over the age of 80 and over two households in two days.

Kikogawa Traffic Safety Association, Women's Director, Atsuko Nishiura is also a member of the public welfare committee and is familiar with the city's circumstances because she supports the elderly living alone and withdrawing. Ms. Akiko Mouri from the Kakogawa Police Station, who conducted the enlightenment activities, talks about the characteristics of the enlightenment activities in cooperation with residents, saying, "You can call directly to elderly people who cannot be understood by the police."

In activities, pamphlets calling for traffic safety and lights that can be used at night are distributed. He called for the use of reflective materials or reflective vests when going out. Furthermore, it is said that accurate guidance can be provided by calling each person face-to-face.

According to the Kakogawa Police Department, 6 out of 9 elderly people who died in a traffic accident within the jurisdiction of the station in 2018 were well above the prefecture average. Most of the pedestrian accidents are crossing the road and need attention.

Nishiura of the association says, "By carrying out educational activities with police officers, the weight of the words is different."

Mr. Mohri of the police station responded, "I would like to hear from the people of the city by raising awareness with members of the association."

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