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Inevitably, a very dangerous season is approaching for pedestrians. During the summer, the Lublin police, in response to the limitation of road accidents involving unprotected road users, conduct a lot of preventive and educational activities, meeting with pedestrians of various ages. On Saturday, the officers visited members of the "UROCZYSKO" gardens in Lublin, distributing reflective vests and armbands. Those reflective materials were purchased thanks to the financial support of the KGHM Polka Mimed Foundation.

Officers from the traffic department along with a policewoman of the social prevention team of the Lublin command. They visited members of the " UROCZYSKO" gardens in Lublin. By giving out vests and self-locking wristbands, policemen paid particular attention to safety when moving along the road after dark, outside the built-up area, when a pedestrian dressed in dark colors is invisible to the drivers of cars. Many tragedies could be avoided if the pedestrians were wearing reflective clothing. Having a vest, the driver is able to notice the pedestrian from a distance. Unfortunately, a pedestrian deprived of such an element is noticed most often when the driver has no chance of breaking the vehicle - reports. Asp. Sylvia from the police in Lublin.

The participants of the meeting dressed in vests, listening carefully to the councils of policemen, how to be safe, and above all visible on the road.

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