Simulation of the accident in the school transport to the Pyramid

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Some 150 students participated in the activity together with the corresponding security forces.

The IES Pyramid became the scene of a day of Road Safety and Emergencies organized by Avanza with the aim of sensitizing the youngest on the importance of public transport and the security elements that are provided buses or how to act in case of a loss.

The day began with a talk by members of Civil Guard and Local Police on the importance of using elements such as seatbelts. Subsequently the simulation of an accident in which two buses collided, in one of them there was a fire, one of the drivers had to be evacuated unconscious.

Some 150 students from the center, riding on three different buses, had to act as if it had been a real event. With a quick evacuation, putting on the reflective vest and calling the emergency services at 112.

The staff of Alosa, Civil Traffic Guard, Local Police, Red Cross, and Firemen participated jointly in the different tasks to act as quickly as possible, since it is essential for an event of these characteristics, with a large number of people involved.

For the company, safety becomes a fundamental element and knowing how to act in case of an incident of these characteristics becomes very important, since, for example, each day they transport more than 1,000 young people to this educational center.

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