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It is time to receive with open arms the most daring and daring trends of the new season, which although at first glance throw us a little back, then when you see how great it is to give that different touch in your style, you will love them. And Berserk knows it. That's why he has launched his most crazy collection: a fashion with which you will not go unnoticed. Let's welcome our wardrobe to reflective clothing, girls.

Betting strong and to see you miles, so is this proposal Berserk. And is that in the absence of party outfits, there is everything you can imagine.

Have you thought how helpful it is other than daring? Because to see, I'm sure that by reading the reflective word you have automatically thought of the typical reflective vest with its reflective tapes. True? Well, you're wrong, this collection is the coolest and also, we tell you how to combine each garment.

Raincoats if the octopus is falling, sweatshirts that make magic in the dark, sports, t-shirts with messages and even accessories! Yes, we have also signed a fanny pack and a mobile phone case. And already the palm takes the fluorine swimsuit. You can not hold two seconds looking at it fixedly but ... And how dark will it be when you're on the beach?

As you can see, each garment changes a lot when it gives light or not and they go from becoming simple sportswear to the most striking and original garments (fashion or horseradish?)

You can combine them as you like: with some simple jeans or with sweatpants. In addition, the swimsuit you can put it as body and ready. (Let's see, it's not a plan for you to wear them all at once if you do not want to look like a traffic signal).

In Berserk we had seen everything, but we would never have imagined that he would dare such a crazy trend.

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