Teach your children to cross the road safely

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Police in the Banská Bystrica region currently has a traffic accident investigation on their table, in which only a 7-year-old boy suddenly ran into the road from a series of longitudinally parked cars outside a pedestrian crossing. The result was a collision with a moving vehicle and fortunately a slight injury to the boy. The accident happened in Žiar nad Hronom. However, the police are calling on parents to teach their children to cross the road safely.

"To prevent traffic accidents for children, it is essential that parents pay attention to the traffic education of their child from an early age. The child is inattentive, unpredictable, acting impulsively, and often unable to assess the dangers of the situation in which he or she is. Due to its small physical growth, it has a limited view of the road and even for car drivers it is harder to see in heavy traffic," says police spokeswoman Petra Kováčiková from Banská Bystrica.

In her words, before a child goes alone on the street without adult supervision, she must know that:

Not enter the road from parked cars that prevent him from seeing, should cross the road in the shortest direction - perpendicular, it can only enter the road after carefully looking left and right and only when the car is not approaching, it is intended to walk on marked pedestrian crossings (zebra).

To walk on a pedestrian walkway; where it is not built, walk on the left shoulder or the left side of the road and at most two side by side (ideally with visibly placed reflective vests or other reflective materials).

The holidays are about to end. Choose a safe way for kids to go to school

As the spokesperson advises, in the early day's parents should accompany the child to school until they can safely cross the learned route. "The route chosen should be as safe as possible from the transport point of view, even if the distance is thereby extended," she added.

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