The Interior Ministry calls for tolerance and discipline on the road

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Starting today is the motorcycle season, the more intense movement of motorcyclists and mopeds on the roads is noticeable. They are vulnerable road users. Therefore, police are reminded that drivers of other vehicles are driving with caution.

In 2018, 55 road users were killed and 643 injured in serious traffic accidents involving motorcyclists and mopeds. The number of drivers killed in two-wheeled vehicles was 47, and 555 were injured.

Road police are urging drivers of both two-wheelers and other road vehicles to show greater tolerance and discipline on the road.

With the onset of spring, it's time to start the moto season. It has already been opened in Plovdiv, but it is time to pay attention to safety so that no one will die at the end.

At the start of the 2019 motorcycle season, Road Police addresses some of its recommendations to vulnerable road users - motorcyclists and mopeds.

For roadworthiness:

Make no compromises on technical malfunction! If necessary, postpone the trip until the damage is repaired! Consult competent professionals!

For the equipment:

In any case, when a motorcycle or moped falls, both the driver and its companion fall and hit the ground, into the curb, into a ladder, into a tree, into a wall, or another vehicle.

Therefore: Use a safety helmet! Provide a helmet for your companion too! Get appropriate clothing and other protectors!

For speed and security:

Compared to other vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles are: more unstable, less secure and less noticeable.

The reasons are the balancing of the moped/motorcycle, the limited safety features, their smaller gauge and the temptation to drive at higher speeds. Particularly dangerous are friendly races and speed races ("races"), which are not regulated or occur accidentally and suddenly and take place outside secured tracks. Sudden changes in speed and sudden stoppages, slalom between vehicles, attractive acrobatic demonstrations and emotionally triggered races with other vehicles can lead to an unforeseen accident and endanger other road users.

Therefore: Choose a balanced and non-aggressive management style! Do not disturb the speed modes! Don't participate in unregistered races ("races")! Choose the right speed and keep a longer distance.

In any case, build yourself into the habit of guarding yourself on the road. Do not rely on other road users to do so.

Your moped/motorcycle is more difficult to spot than drivers of lorries or trucks, especially if you fall into the so-called "blind spot" of rear-view mirrors. Remember that due to the smaller size of the moped/motorcycle, its greater maneuverability and the higher speed at which it moves, you are invisible to the rest.

In settlements, accidents occur most often with vulnerable groups of road users, such as pedestrians and drivers of two-wheeled vehicles. Be extremely careful when passing by public transport stops, playgrounds and gardens, schools, medical establishments, parks, and intersections.

Remember, other road users cannot correctly judge your real speed and the time you will reach them.

He constantly monitors the movement around him with the rear-view mirrors.

Plan your long-distance travel time so that it includes periodic breaks.

Remember to wear a reflective vest when traveling at dusk or night.

In unregistered speed racing ("racing") there is a huge risk of a road accident in which not only you but also accidental passers-by - drivers and passengers or pedestrians are injured.

Therefore: Only drive if you are competent! Remember that with your motorcycle or moped you are "INVISIBLE"! Learn to protect yourself! Protect other vulnerable road users - pedestrians and your companions! Use reflective vests with reflective tapes and items! Drive through road sections permitted for your vehicle category! Get to your chosen endpoint unharmed!

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