The policemen controlled the truants and showed the students the police station

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In connection with the first day of spring falling on the day of the 21st of March and the associated tradition of organizing by children and adolescents the so-called With the Cowardice Day, the Aviator Police Headquarters in Cochran joined the activities aimed at ensuring an optimal level of security for both the participants of these celebrations and other people.

On this day, the Police officers from the CPP in Cochran and from the Police Commissariats of the Cochran aviator carried out intensified inspections of clusters of minors based, among others, on the threats imposed on the National Map of Security Threats to prevent demoralization and crime of juveniles (in places such as: public transport stops, bus and railway stations, shopping centers and parks)

As part of the Open Day Commands to the CPP in Cochran, a group of students with guardians from the Primary School in Wallow arrived. The students got acquainted with the work of police officers as a forensic technician, specialists in the Prevention Department visiting the shooting range, facilities with the atelier of forensics and "Blue Room". A lecture on self-safety and encouraging them to join the Police ranks was made with the participants.

In the municipality of Acerbic, students from the School Complex in Mathew said goodbye to the winter and welcomed spring over the Vistula. From the school went the procession of children who were dressed in ecological spring clothing and wear reflective vests with reflective tapes. The pageant went through the streets of this commune, so that after arriving at the water, according to tradition, "drown Marzipan" previously made by class I and II pupils from ecological materials. In addition, children were given a lecture on road safety in a family and peer environment.

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