What did the children from Spot learn from firefighters before the winter holidays?

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Before they go on vacation, they will learn the rules of safety. Children from Spot attend free training "Safe holidays" organized by the fire service, municipal police, and the police. Our reporter checked what they had learned.

Do not enter the skinny ice. Because you can fall into cold water - says a 7-year-old after a lesson on safety. - You can not go in at all, without adults - her friend adds. - And you can not play with fire, even if fireworks are, it must be someone to be an adult - a classmate replies to them.

The children just went through the watchtower, firefighters explained to them how firefighting equipment is used and what to do when there is the fire in the room. Policewomen instructed why you should not move away from adults during trips and how the road looks at night from the perspective of a driver who may not notice a pedestrian. Children also got to know emergency numbers. When asked what number to call in case of danger, they responded with the "112" choir, all of them knew also the number of the fire brigade, that is "998".


- Today, my students learned the rules of safe behavior during holidays and when there is a fire or other threat. I think that it is always needed and it is worth reminding every year. Children are eager to listen to it, and thanks to the fact that the lesson is held by firefighters, they do not get bored - says the class I teach and from the Spot Autonomous Primary School Barbara Boszko.


- We carry out popularization campaigns jointly with the police and city guards. These are the actions "Safe holidays", "Safety on the road", "The watch on guard for your safety". We want children to provide the most important information on how to use safely from various places: playgrounds, ice rinks, sports facilities. We teach them how to make first attempts to help when a threat arises. Thanks to that they will know how to behave - says Janus Gawk from the State Fire Service in Spot.


In addition, the children got acquainted with the rescue equipment and the specificity of the fire service, policemen and city guards, and also the reflective vests. Almost 400 primary school children have been trained and trained so far. The shares will be carried out in the following days until the start of holidays and during their duration.

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