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There must be other things besides the medicine cabinet and fire extinguisher.

For a long time, the presence of a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in the car has become a cause for anecdotes. Like, even the most law-abiding driver can find violations - for example, the first aid kit lacks aspirin or activated charcoal. It was enough for the former traffic police to write a fine or get a "paw".

It is difficult to say whether the situation has changed today. After all, each driver has his own experience in dealing with both the former police and the current policy. At least, there were no specific complaints regarding patrol checks of the first aid kit or fire extinguisher.

Although it is worth noting that often the first aid kit or fire extinguisher can save lives or transport. The main thing is not to bring all this to the point in their demands.

At the same time, in addition to the first aid kit, there must be a fire extinguisher in the car. Its price varies from 100 to 350 UAH.

In addition to the spare, you should have a jack and a car wrench (also called balloon). It ranges from 60 to over 200 UAH. And the jack will pull in from several hundred hryvnias.

You must also have two emergency stop signs to stop the car. They can be purchased for 150-200 UAH for a couple.

According to the DA, the driver must have a reflective vest. Its price is within 70 UAH.

Every driver knows that going the long way without a set of at least the necessary tools is not worth it. A set of heads and keys can be purchased for up to a thousand hryvnias. But you don't buy these things often. Therefore it is not necessary to save on quality. Therefore, the price will be much higher.

What to have in the trunk

Any owner of a car with experience and even a beginner knows that in the trunk of a car you must have a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a spare part. And what else do you have to put in the trunk to avoid falling victim to your carelessness in the event of a breakdown?

Spare wheel

Do not go off-road. Often our roads give us surprises, and it is often not necessary to rely on someone's help.

Car pump and pressure gauge

As temperature fluctuations occur quite often during particularly cold times of the day, it is necessary to check the tire pressure at least once a month, in particular in the spare wheel, to avoid an accident due to poor steering. To do this, the pump and pressure gauge must be indispensable components of the contents of your trunk. It is better to buy a car pump with a built-in pressure gauge, this facilitates the task. Now they produce hand, foot, and electric car pumps.

Towing rope

Be sure to have a tow rope in the trunk in the event of a car breakdown or being stuck on the road or in the snow. The best option is a synthetic fiber tow rope with carbines at the ends. Such a cable is not inferior to the quality of steel, and to store it is much more convenient.

Scraper brush for cleaning the glass and body of the car

This brush-scraper is especially needed in the autumn and winter when there is heavy rainfall. It will help to quickly clear the glass of rain, snow, and icing. The scraper brush for cleaning the glass and body of the car should have two surfaces. One surface should have hard bristles for cleaning the ice and the other should have a rubber coating to eliminate water and snow.

For everything else in the trunk will not be superfluous to add some tools for repair work under the hood. Always store a canister with gasoline or an empty fuel tank in the trunk. If the battery becomes dirty, keep the cigarette lighter to start the engine from the battery of another car. Will fit a lantern for repairing the car in the dark. The road atlas must have every driver. Also, don't be lazy to put a pair of cloth gloves, disposable napkins, and rags in the trunk. They will not take up much space but will come in handy at the right time.

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