Will there be a fine if there is no reflective vest in the car

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The life of motorists is significantly complicated by the fact that laws are changing very rapidly and it is very difficult for even a conscientious and experienced driver to keep track of all the innovations. Recently, another rule has appeared that obliges drivers to have reflective vests in the car.

According to the legislators, this introduction is necessary to protect road users in cases when they need to make a stop. There can be many reasons for stopping, up to repair work or a wheel change. It will be easier for other road users to notice a person wearing a reflective vest, especially in the evening and at night.

This rule is certainly useful and will save any life. But many inspectors have adopted him as another opportunity to fine him. Recently, law enforcement officers began to argue that a vest should be in every car. But how to get away from the fine when he is not in the car?

The legality of the requirements of the traffic police. This law appeared relatively recently, but not all motorists fully understood the essence of the innovation, which regulates the presence of this vest and the consequences of its absence. In clause 2.3.4 of the SDA, it is said that a person must wear a jacket or vest that reflects light if he leaves the car outside of the village and is on the road or side of the road in the evening or at night, or when visibility is limited.

From the above, it follows that if the driver drives a car in the daytime with good visibility, the vest may not be in the car. Therefore, in this case, the claims of the traffic police are not substantiated. After all, the law says that its presence is mandatory only when there is a stop or an accident at night and outside settlements.

Is it possible to get a fine for the fact that when checking in the car this vest will not be found outside the settlements at night? Based on the law, if a traffic police officer stopped the car for a check and there was no vest in it, a fine cannot be issued. After all, the driver did not stop and did not get out of the car without a vest, which means he did not violate anything.

The traffic rules clearly state that a pedestrian is obliged to wear these clothes with reflective elements in the dark and outside the settlement. If the driver got out of the car, he became a pedestrian, and if he is wearing a vest, at that moment a fine of five hundred rubles, he “earned” on legal grounds.

The bottom line. The driver is not obliged to present a vest upon request while in the car, and there is no penalty for the absence of a vest in the car. If nevertheless, you get out of the car at night, then it is required to wear a vest or reflective clothing, this is primarily your safety.

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