Police appeal directed not only to pedestrians

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Pedestrians are the least protected road users. Insufficiently illuminated roads, lack of designated places for safe pedestrians on the road (especially outside built-up areas), and improper use of roads by pedestrians themselves cause many accidents.

This is why the Saransk road carries the "Road Control - Walking" activity today, and we are reminded of how to take care of road safety and we present the film "Crossing the Foot" Road traffic policemen will conduct the day from 2 pm to 10 pm on Zabrze road. "Road control - walking". The Mundey will pay special attention to the behavior of drivers in relation to pedestrians, but they will also watch closely whether pedestrians are breaking the rules of traffic.

Appeal for pedestrians and managers.

Hurry, crossing the road, going without thinking about pedestrian crossing, red light or illegal places - these and other irresponsible behavior are the cause of many traffic accidents. In the meantime, none of us would want a close person to meet the wrong person on the road.

Traffic accidents are also directed by the driver. The common mistake is not to adjust the speed of the vehicle to the conditions of the road. There are many reasons for pedestrian deductions, and their source is, among others. It is worth mentioning the seemingly innocent behavior, which last week resulted in the deduction of the pedestrian correctly passing through the street on 3 May (more information here). The cause of the accident was ... reaching out to the cell phone.

That is why we appeal to both pedestrians and managers. The road is the place we use together. So let's adjust to this principle your way of thinking and handling traffic. Common sense is our best advisor.

On the road after dark, glimpses save lives.

Under conditions of poor visibility on the road, when the pedestrian is dressed in subdued colors and does not have reflective clothing on the outside, the driver discerns him very late. Basically only when it is within reach of its headlights. In some situations it may be too close a distance for the correct response of the driver. The use of reflective elements in various forms (bracelets, key rings, vests or reflective elements on the backpack and clothing) will make the pedestrian's chance of avoiding a blindfold in bad visibility will increase significantly even if he makes a mistake such as going to the wrong side of the roadway. We also remind you that any pedestrian traveling from dusk to dawn on the road outside the built-up area must have a reflector placed in the way visible to the driver. Otherwise, you have to pay a penalty of 100 PLN. However, it is not money that is important in this situation but human life and health.

Take the walk back.

For caring for non-motorized Silesia, the Police in safety vest conduct a preventive campaign "Pass the walk" (more information about the campaign here). Its goal is to increase the safety of pedestrians and make it easier for other road users to understand how important it is to comply with the regulations in force. Many events involving unprotected participants occur at pedestrian crossings and are driven by guilt. The actions taken by the police support the team's world champion in ski jumping Piton.

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