Police attended a meeting on road safety at school

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The District Police Station conducted a preventive action. "Apple or lemon", and also attended a meeting with first-graders on road safety. On October 3, the district police station in serge. Marisa at the request of the Directorate of the Primary School in Zavala conducted a preventive action called" "Apple or lemon".

The campaign was implemented under the "Reflective School" program and aims to promote safe driving behavior among drivers, compliance with traffic regulations and raise awareness among traffic participants about the dangers that may occur in the education sector.

Within the framework of the action in the area of ​​the school building, a dozen or so traffic inspectors were audited to comply with traffic regulations. In cases where the driver did not follow them, instead of a penalty he was supposed to receive a lemon from the children and a "lemon mandate", and if control was positive, the driver was given an apple and a diploma.

A total of several children participated in the action, which awarded certificates and an apple of sober drivers with all the required equipment. It also turned out that local drivers could be a role model because only one of them was punished with a lemon for missing a warning triangle. The action brought a lot of smile and joy to both children and drivers, who showed indulgence and posed positively for photos.

"Safe way to school"

Policemen of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Tarnow meet pupils of schools in the district of Tarnow as part of the action "Safe road to school". The district of Tarnow district teaches first-graders safe behavior on their way to and from school.

Marisa Jalapa explained to the children that prevention is never enough, and the reflective material on the outer garment significantly improves visibility even in the form of a small key ring or band. He then explained to students how to safely move around on the road.

At the end of the meeting - in the school's implementation of the "Reflective School" in the program - the district gave the boys reflective vests and girls with sachets on the shoes covered with reflective elements.

Not by accident, the children's vest was handed over just now. This autumn and winter the babies are most at risk. Because in the morning they go to school is still dark and dusk falls very early. This is why the district has encouraged children not only to wear reflective clothing, but also to encourage parents to behave in the same way.

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