This vest created by Mexicans provides safety to cyclists

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Every day, more people use the bicycle as their favorite mode of transport. However, the technology has not advanced much to protect the hundreds of cyclists who must drive in the middle of the cars and who are more exposed to fatal accidents.

For this reason, a group of Mexicans José Bandello, José Alfredo Carmi Romero, students of the UNAM, created a solution that seeks to solve the multiple problems that cyclists have when driving and that would help to guarantee a better communication between them and the cars that come behind. Cyclists are not very visible without reflective vest when they walk through the streets at night. There are several devices that can be put on bicycles but none will be as visible as TUIBO.

TUIBO is basically a vest that comes in various colors to which you can insert a T-shaped device, which will also provide all the traffic signals that you need to show by means of 72 LED lights, just like when you are driving a car. Well they say that cyclists should behave like cars and not like pedestrians, but until now, we do not know the first bicycle that has directional incorporated. Therefore, TUIBO gives you the option of indicating which side you are going to cross, using buttons that you control through the handlebar.

TUIBO protects the control with a lining and connects it to the device in the vest via Bluetooth. In addition, it also comes with some acceleration sensors that will tell the car that is behind, if you are braking. The taillights on your vest will flicker. If you wear the safety vest every day and it gets dirty, it is very easy to remove the electronic part and wash it in the washing machine. In addition, if you go with a backpack, the vest can be expanded so that you can put it over it, so that it does not cover the signals of the device. In addition, you can whistle as if you were in a car or motorcycle, to get the attention of other drivers if you see that something is wrong. The battery lasts 6 to 8 hours, depending on how often you use the directional and other lights.

TUIBO is currently in a micro finance campaign by Kick-starter. The minimum contribution is $ 79 to get the vest with taillights and automatic brake lights. The approximate delivery is for December of this year and deliveries will be made in all countries of the world. Jorge, one of the founders, affirmed that if they manage to collect at least $ 200,000, TUIBO would be able to develop another type of characteristics that can complement the experience of cyclists on board their bicycles very well. "We could integrate with Google Maps in such a way that the cyclist does not have to look at the cell phone to know where to cross," Vizcaino tells Digital Trends. Therefore, if you want road safety as a cyclist, this will be one of your best options.

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