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Running comfort is the basis. If you choose carefully and thoroughly when buying your safety clothes, we have a tip for you to take care of. Introducing the Nike DRI-FIT Men's Running T-Shirt that is made of fabric for better sweat drain, you can keep your body dry for longer. It also includes ergonomic seams for a better range of movement.

Lightweight, comfortable, easy to move, in this case for jogging, you will feel a nice touch on your first contact. And it's just that early dating can decide to buy. Without any knowledge you will recognize that the t-shirt is also equipped with reflective elements that serve for greater runner safety. Everyone is better seen in the dark, dark. Reflection points are located on the back of the neck. Larger space is then also down at the back where the manufacturer placed a reflective stripe. The Nike logo fits even on the chest.

The inner part of the t-shirt has three rubberized thin stripes that better hold the fabric on the body, preventing "flying" from side to side, which can be unpleasant for longer periods. The Nike DRI - FIT has more stitched extractions with ergonomic seams that are more suitable for a range of movement than classic.

Additionally, there is a delightful optical element that makes the t-shirt more imaginative, memorable. As for design, triangular shapes that are filled with color strips have a different effect than aesthetic. With a longer perspective, this pattern can cause you to mildly spin the mind.

If we are to choose the benefits presented by the manufacturer, these are these. Some have already been mentioned.

• DRI - FIT fabric that helps keep the body dry and comfortable

• Shaped seams offering comfortable wearing

• Inner rubber neckline for longer life

• Flat and seamless leather seams

• Reflective elements increase visibility in low light

• Reflective tab on top of the back

The Nike DRI - FIT, running jersey, is made of polyester and can be washed in the machine. Multiple colors are available. If you are interested in the price, it is around a thousand crowns, which, in the ratio of indicators - price, reflective material and comfort, is an investment that is worth thinking about.

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