Safety clothing regulation differs in each country

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In Croatia, although valid speed limits 50/90/130 as for us, but if you have a driving license for less than two years, you may only drive 80 km / h out of town and only 110 km / h on the highway, or 100 km / h on expressway. Although Croatia tolerates alcohol to 0.5 per mile, it is recommended that foreign tourists do not drink before driving.

Alcohol is not ingest motorcycle driver or a professional driver with safety clothing, as well as the driver, who was not even 24 years old or have a driver's license for more than two years.

"If you borrow in Croatia, for example, a scooter, it is forbidden to carry children up to 12 years," warns Freedom of Auto ESA. Children under 12 years of age also may not travel in the front seat, except for children up to two years in a seat placed facing backwards.

In Croatia also needs to have a reflective vest, all passengers in the event of a breakdown or an accident, leaving the vehicle. And if your car has winter tires, the minimum allowable tread depth is 4 mm.


To the land of cheese, wine and lavender are just not go to the sea, but also to explore the beautiful hinterland. French villages have their undoubted charm and police wear the uniform with reflective tapes still sometimes look like cops from St. Tropez. But be careful, if you get caught without Alcohol in the car, will pay a fine of up to € 100. In France, although tolerated a certain amount of alcohol, but the driver must be able to measure it himself.


Who will go to Poland, perhaps the lakes on kite should be restrained in their willingness to take any hitchhikers or even hitchhike alone. Indeed Hitchhiking is forbidden in Poland, and in violation of this prohibition are awarded to high fines

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