The cyclist without safety vest was hit by a crossing

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On Monday in the morning near the roundabout Victims of Smolensk catastrophe was hit by a cyclist without safety vest. This is another deduction in this place. According to preliminary findings, the 26-year-old motorbike driver has been blamed for the accident, which did not stop before the ride and hit a cyclist.

Patients must be patient to drive through the roundabout of the Smolensk Catastrophe Victims. The 26-year-old skating driver has not given up his priority and in the course of the crossing on a bicycle ride he hit a 46-year-old, "says Anna Ballista in reflective vest from the Police Headquarters in Olsztyn.

The cyclist went to the hospital. - We are waiting for the results of medical examinations. It is up to them whether the event will qualify as a collision or accident. If it is an accident, the case will go to court - Ballista specifies.

Attention the driver - around the OKS roundabout there are a lot of traffic jams.

Let's remind you that this is another case at Artery Street. On August 1, there was a breakdown for the cyclist without safety clothing.

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