85 years old and thrives on horseback

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Reidunn has ridden for many years and has no plans to quit the first. Horseback riding and horses are a big part of her life and give her a lot of joy in everyday life.

"The riding helps keep me sane," Reidunn says.

She also boasts of the horse environment in Skien.

"I always enjoy it in the stable. Although it can be dark and late when I ride, I am always in a better mood of being here."

She rides both on Klosterskogen and Vestre Borge Hest and Pony Center. Her favorite horse Filur is located on Vestre Borge, and just like Reidunn had his horse this week. Reidunn turns 85, and the horse turns 19, which of course had to be celebrated. Reidunn was celebrated with sausage, cakes, and gifts. Among other things, she was given a safety vest, the first she has ever had. Filur was also given a gift, brand new grime.

Reidunn spends a lot of time in the stable. She says that she always carries carrots or other goodies for the horses, which also get a lot of fun. It is not only in the stable Reidunn is active, but she also walks a lot of walks in the woods with her dog Bina and is a member of Redd Dyra.

"I'm very fond of animals, says Reidunn, who also says that Bina is the prettiest of all dogs."

Previously, she also had her horse, which she thought were toppers.

Reidunn doesn't know other 85-year-olds who spend as much time on horseback as she does, but she emphasizes that horses are good for everyone. Before retiring, she worked as a physiotherapist, and also did therapy.

"Horses are very good for those who can't move much. I don't know any other 85-year-olds who ride, but there are many other 80 and 90-year-olds!" Says Reidunn.

Many people attended the birthday celebrations at Vestre Borge, and everyone had good words to say about Reidunn. She is described as a tough and tough 85-year-old.

"Often she usually walks up and checks conditions before we ride," says one of Reidunn's girlfriends.

"She is better at riding than many here, and is never one of those who fall off," says another.

"She not only gives the horses regular carrots, but she also washes, peels and cuts them before," one says.

And most impressively, they say that Reidunn also goes up on horseback without help or stool, something not everyone can handle on such large horses. Reidunn has also participated in riding camp to Rauland, where the youngest enrolled was 6 years.

Reidunn has no plans to stop riding first.

"I hope that someone tells me if they think I should quit, or that I feel like I can't do it anymore. Right now I enjoy the riding, I found it very fun, especially when I have a horse like Filur that I feel confident in."

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