A visibility vest is a must, but a helmet is highly recommended

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Although the cycling season begins in the spring, it reaches its peak every year at the start of the school holidays, in the summer months.

Let's start at the very beginning

Why not, cycling healthy is good for the cardiovascular system and muscle development. However, it is by no means different how we stand on his bike. Let's start with the bike and its accessories first. The head of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Police Headquarters, Transport Police Department was assisted in this matter.

"A bicycle in the good technical condition is essential, which must include a well-functioning front and rear brake, and a sufficiently bright front and rear lighting system. The law now also allows for the lamp to be mounted on the body," Lieutenant Colonel Pitkó begins.

To see and to see

"Visibility is extremely important," he continues, "so the presence of rear red, pedal prism and spokes is also important. Many people have reservations about the latter, especially regarding aesthetics. The good news for them is that there are now reflective tapes that can be snapped onto the spokes, or even LED illuminated valve caps that provide visibility and look great. In any case, more than a spokes prism, light-years.

Still Visibility: You must always wear a safety vest or a strap outside a populated area at night and in limited visibility.

"Although not mandatory in a populated area, it is recommended at night and in limited visibility, especially if we know that the level of public lighting in the area is not satisfactory," emphasizes the head of the traffic police department, and adds to our question: colored jerseys are not a substitute for the vest as they do not necessarily provide a reflective surface. Today, by the way, there are plenty of shoes, jerseys, and helmets with reflectors.

You can save a life

If you already have a helmet. There are about two types of bikers. One who is wrong with the helmet and the other who does not start without it and even encourages others to wear it because it can save lives.

"In Hungary, cyclists are not required to wear helmets. The exception is when the speed of the cyclist exceeds or may exceed 50 km / h. However, I recommend every cyclist to purchase a helmet, as it can be life-saving. I especially recommend it to families with little kids. There are very good examples abroad, for example, in Slovakia, you cannot start without a cycling helmet. I think this is something that should be considered at home as well," says the lieutenant colonel.

Not without supervision!

Finally, how to protect - beyond the helmet - our children. "It's a rule of thumb that we don't allow a child to ride a bicycle very unattended, and they can't travel alone on the main road before the age of twelve, even if cycling is allowed there."

It is also important to mention the carriage of children: according to the relevant legislation, only a person over the age of sixteen may carry a child under the age of ten in an additional seat. It is important that the extra seat protects the child's foot as trapping the foot can cause very serious accidents. Lászó Pitkó adds that the police always recommend the knee and elbow pads to the little ones, as children often hit themselves here.

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