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Mag equips your car for the cold season. This winter does not go to your loved ones if you miss the following important objects in the car. Some of them are required by law, others make your life easier.

Mag gives you everything you need to get your winter car outfit. If you want to go to Christmas and have a long way to go, you'd better make an inventory of your car and make sure that you do not have to, you are missing the following:

RCA insurance from mag

It is not good to go without paying the RCA mandatory policy, especially in winter, when the risks of accidents are higher than in the rest of the year. More recently, mag calculates the best RCA offerings according to your personal and vehicle data.

Cheap mag first aid kit to save you from the fine

The medical kit is mandatory because it can save lives in the event of an accident. If you are caught by the police that you do not have it, you risk a fine between 590 and 725 lei.

The medical kit can be found HERE at a very good price.

Reflected triangles cheap to mag

The road code forces you to have two reflective triangles in the car if you have to pull to the right to fix a malfunction. Lights may not be enough at night, so do not risk.

Mag gives you a reflective triangle HERE at the bargain price.

Fire extinguisher for cheap car

It's one of the objects you never want to use, but the law forces you to carry it in your car. Fire extinguishers have a shelf life, so if you have already expired the one you already have, do well and change it, otherwise, you are fined.

A cheap fire extinguisher can be found HERE.

Safety vest for nothing

The reflective vest with reflective tapes is also one of the things you may have never used, but the police ask you to have it in your car.

Generally, it's cheap, and at mag, you have incredibly low prices.

If you want, you can buy HERE sets that include all the above-mentioned items and get rid of their separate purchase.

Winter tires at exceptional prices at mag

Obviously, you are not allowed to go winter without winter tires or all-season. If you still want to change the old ones, now you have the opportunity to do it.

You can take cheap winter tires from the online store.

Snow chains for your car at very low prices

At mag, you can also find snow chains for tires if you're moving in areas with difficult roads.

See the low snow chains for your car here.

You should not miss the snow bucket in the boot

If you do not want to stay stuck in the rails, you do not have to miss your shovel. Preferably you would take a metallic, not plastic because you will not be able to break the ice with the latter.

At mag, you have the best deals on snow shovels.

Windscreen and rear window wipers at low prices

Even if you have cleaned your snow and ice screens, you have to have the wipers as good as the weather is unpredictable and you can face snow or snow on the road.

At mag, you have a great variety of car wipers at very good prices.

Cheap mag antifreeze for your car

No matter how new and steady the car you drive, you do not have to go winter without having spare antifreeze.

Best antifreeze prices can be found HERE, where you can choose from several types.

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