Pedestrians should now protect themselves with reflective clothing

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In the morning, it gets late, then darker in the evening. This increases the risk of accidents for pedestrians, who are overlooked by other road users due to the darkness and often adverse weather conditions. "It has probably already happened to every driver," writes police spokesman Michael Tietze in a press release. "Suddenly, a pedestrian appears in the headlights, of which shortly before there was nothing to see." If then added rain, dazzling headlights or even a brief distraction, accidents were almost programmed.

The main protection measure is therefore loud: "Wear reflective clothing, safety vests or bracelets," the police spokesman urged. While a dark-clad pedestrian is perceived only at a distance of 25 meters, the visibility increases when carrying reflective material to 160 meters (see diagram).

What pedestrians should also know: The stopping distance of a car - the distance traveled during the reaction time plus braking distance - is more than 25 meters, even at strong full braking at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Tietze: "Without reflective clothing, it is therefore usually already too late, when a pedestrian in the headlights of a car is recognizable."

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