Run safely at night with reflective paint on your skin

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Reflective tape, safety vest, red flashing light. These are the main weapons for running at night. However, none of them is very practical or comfortable in the summer months. An alternative is a reflective color that is applied directly to the skin.

The cool piece comes from the workshop of a small American company called Safety Skin. It is a security feature that applies, as the name suggests, directly to your skin.

Your visibility should be the top priority when running at night. The one-year-old law even directs the use of reflective elements. In winter, this problem is foreseen and most clothing is equipped with some reflective zones, but unfortunately, most summer uppers cannot say. Applying reflective paint directly to the skin thus seems to be an effective and ingeniously simple solution.

Color right on the skin

Safety Skin takes the form of a solid deodorant and leaves a broad gray trace behind the skin. It contains light-reflecting substances, so it acts like a classic reflector when illuminated.

The color composition is harmless to the human body and can be easily applied to small children. Of course, there is also resistant to water and you do not have to worry that the paint will clog your pores and prevent sweating. A damp cloth or a shower of water will suffice to remove color.

If you are a creative runner then you will be pleased that, unlike boring reflectors, Safety Skin can win and draw any shape or pattern on your hands, feet or back.

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