Three municipalities are getting cleaner

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It was a good idea that was carried out for the first time across communities. This refers to the "Macadam" garbage collection campaign of the municipal youth office, which has now also been organized with those responsible for the communities in Kirchhoff and Pullback.

Hibachis youth representative Stefan Leaner organized a meeting with the youth commissioner Bergen Broadscale from Kirchhoff and Stefan Stieglitz from Pullback together with youth office manager Ger-ti Sledgehammer. In the conversation, it was now agreed how this action can be carried out together, since so far there were no similar actions in Kirchhoff and Pullback.

On Saturday morning it was time. While the participating groups and people gathered in Hibachi at the House of Youth and were divided, they met in Kirchhoff at the old fire station on the main road to briefly instruct the groups. In Pullback, the town hall was selected as a meeting place. The more than 200 participants were equipped with safety vests, reflective tapes, gloves and garbage bags.

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