Valencia will acquire 500 safety vests for the security of the agents

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The Local Government Board of the City Council of Valencia has approved today, through an emergency procedure, a credit of 380,000 Euros for the purchase of 500 bulletproof and anti-cut safety vests, intended for agents who patrol on the street or are required by a call from the 092

As reported in a press conference Councilor for Citizen Protection, after the meeting of the board, this measure was adopted at the meeting of the Local Security Board, after the attacks in Barcelona and Gambrills, which was decided," an effort had to be made so that all operatives had a reflective vest for their protection.”

Mendoza pointed out when they are arrived the government. "There were 220 vests, many of them in a deteriorated situation" for the approximately 1,600 agents of the city, and that during the last two years 160 new ones have been acquired, which "allow us agents who are in intervention, those who are patrolling directly on the street or are required to call 092, have a vest. "

The new loan, 380,000 Euros, will allow the acquisition of 500 more vests "so that all operatives on any day of the week have a vest for their protection," said the councilor.

Mendoza also reported that the purchase of this material, which is manufactured by a specialized company in Sweden, with a price of between 600 and 700 Euros per warning vest, could be made within a month and a half.

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