What are the most repeated and most unknown sanctions at the wheel?

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From not using the indicator to not knowing how to place the triangles, going through the obligation to drive in the right lane or having the tires in good condition. These are the most imposed sanctions.

There are many traffic penalties that can be imposed on driving. Of them, many are known for the different campaigns that are carried out such as those of speeding or driving with the effects of alcohol or other substances.

However, there are several sanctions that are more unknown but that does not mean that they are less frequent. In fact, there are those that are more frequent due to ignorance of it.

Thus, having the tires in poor condition, although it is known, is punishable by fines of 200 euros per wheel. In this way, the tires should never have a depth less than 1.6 millimeters and it is preferable that it is well above it.

The lack of use of the intermittent is also one of the most common infractions that are not penalized in most cases but that by law carry penalties of up to 200 euros as well.

Driving without lights is also considered a serious infraction with an economic amount of up to 200 euros since, in addition to allowing you to see also make you more visible.

Traffic in the right lane is also mandatory and not a mere recommendation. In fact, to do the opposite in an inadequate way, at some time other than to overtake or in congestion or important traffic of vehicles, the sanction can also reach 200 euros.

One that is known but that is not done less is the use of the mobile phone behind the wheel, which also carries a fine of 200 euros and the loss of three points, although they wanted to toughen these penalties.

Skip the stop also has a penalty of 200 euros and four points of the card, while parking on the sidewalk or pedestrian area also has a fine of two hundred euros.

The most imposed sanctions at the wheel also refer to the seat belt, which if not fastened can be punished with 200 euros and the withdrawal of three points, while if a car is located without ITV, it can reach 200 or 500 euros and its immobilization, depending on whether it has expired or is not suitable.

The 200 euros are also repeated in the case that you have an expired driver's license, go behind the wheel without glasses if they are required in the card or do not wear the safety vest with reflective tapes when necessary.

Less money will have to be paid in the case of not placing the L for the novice or not know how to put the triangles, with penalties that reach up to 80 euros. Not carrying the documentation, meanwhile, has a penalty of 60 euros.

The most important, finally, refers to car insurance. Circular without this paper in order can reach a fine of up to 3,000 euros from the 600 that is the minimum.

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