What do you do when your car has a flat tire?

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When you notice that a tire has been emptied on your car, stop as soon as possible in a safe place by the side of the road and in no case drive forward, as an empty tire can be very dangerous. In this case, the car significantly changes its driving characteristics, which have a bad effect mainly on goat driving or when braking. Also, if you continue to drive with an empty tire, you run the risk of destroying it, even if a quick repair is sufficient. In extreme cases, the tire may be removed from the rim, the rim may be damaged, and the suspension may also be badly affected.

The most extreme event, of course, is the punctured rubber, from which the air escapes almost suddenly, but it rarely occurs. The air usually leaves the rubber relatively slowly and is often caused by a screw or nail stuck in the running surface. The driver does not immediately notice such damage since the air comes out of the rubber very slowly, something is not right, but most often he sees after the changed behavior of the car. New cars help with pressure control system Modern cars equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, which are mandatory in new cars in Europe, otherwise, warn drivers in time that something is wrong with the tire pressure, but mostly they still do not have them, so the driver, in this case, depends on his observations. For example, it can detect a change in the sound of the car, which is reflected in the tumbling drum, the vibrations of the wheel with a flat tire increase, and the response to the steering wheel, which becomes loose and inaccurate, is worse. If the driver drops the steering wheel, the car sits sideways.

And what do we do when we realize we are driving with a flat tire? Above all, we should not be panicked. Most often, accidents do not occur because of the empty tire itself, but because the driver does not respond properly to it. When you notice that you are driving with an empty tire, the first turn on all four lights, release the throttle and carefully drive to the right lane, parking lot or along the side of the road. When you stop, first put on a safety vest with reflective tape, then secure the place with a safety triangle. Only then do the inspection and possible repair or replacement of the tire. But you only need to change your tire replacement if you know what to do. If you are in the wrong of change or are unable to use a tire repair kit, you should call a roadside help desk to have the tire replaced safely or your car removed to a tire repair shop.

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