He walks among the ruins with reflective vest to take picture

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The writer speaks of "humanitarian tourism", "people of varied condition" who wear a yellow vest go to the disaster areas "under the pretext of providing help, but who actually walks through the ruins" taking photos.

To reach that conclusion, the writer speaks of "humanitarian tourism,” which is nothing but "people of varied condition, inhabitants of wealthy neighborhoods and humble suburbs," who goes to the disaster areas "under the pretext of providing help, but that in fact was dedicated to walk among the ruins with helmet, reflective vest and protective mask, taking pictures".

"The misfortune of others motivates a lot, and one usually approaches it with morbid delight,” defends Revert, who differentiates between the ancients and the people at present, since "before everyone posed solemnly, because of that circumstance. It has been a while since few people keep the forms, they smile at the camera, and they even make funny gestures and nice postures, one leg up, a winking eye and all that, the same if you have the Eiffel tower behind half a dozen cold cuts drowned on a beach. "

Continue Revert in reflective clothing: "We no longer look directly at reality, we do not even believe it necessary, images of horror or happiness are only of interest for their subsequent reproduction and diffusion, it is our minute of glory", after which he concludes: "And There are still those who ask why I prefer dogs to people."

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