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Mark Beamer was a 33-year-old American poet who in October had decided to cross his entire country barefoot and only a yellow vest to fight against multinationals in the face of climate change problems, until on day 100 of his challenge he found the worst of the endings: woman ran him over and killed him.

The accident occurred last Saturday in Walton (Florida) near an intersection of a highway and a highway, as reported by local media. The woman who was driving the vehicle, identified as Sonja (51 years old), will face justice to clarify the causes of the tragic abuse where the young man died.

The young activist aimed to raise $ 10,000 for the FANG Collective organization that fights against the natural gas industry, and every day of his experience going barefoot through the United States reported it on social networks, with a very strong arrival to the people. His profiles are flooded with images full of humor where he posed with his reflective vest showing the bruises of his feet.

Interestingly, the penultimate publication of Mark on Instagram were his feet next to a painted on the asphalt in which appeared an arrow pointing his way and below, written in English, the word 'murdered'.

However, what Beamer did was not in vain: after knowing the tragic story, donations have increased significantly and this Tuesday the figure was already over 20,000 dollars.

The poet was born in Providence (Rhode Island). There he grew up and lived working in a university library. Last October he decided to change his life completely and began his adventure of crossing the United States from the northeast coast to Los Angeles with wear a safety vest.

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